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  Computed Radiography (CR) X-ray Equipment


CR or Computed Radiography technology uses a Reusable Phosphor Imaging plate which is scanned by a laser scanner after being exposed to X-ray. This technology is very similar to film in that the images need to be scanned (instead of developed in the case of film) in order to retrieve the x-ray data. However phosphor plates can be erased and used time and time again to produce extremely high definition images.

The main benefit of CR systems over DR imaging systems is that the imaging plates themselves are extremely flat and flexible so they can fit into tight gaps, behind panelling and even wrapped around a target object. Imaging plates are available in a range of different sizes at relatively low cost so you can purchase several formats to cover a multitude of different tasks.

The advantage of CR systems over traditional x-ray film is that the digital image film can be used again and again so there are no regular consumable costs. X-ray images are much higher resolution and can be digitally enhanced to produce clear defined images. Images can also be stored digitally and will not fade over time. No chemicals or darkroom are needed.

CR image resolution is superb even at the standard 100 microns and pixel sizes of down to 50 microns is possible with the CR35 SEC  (12 microns in CR35 HD NDT models). 10 visible line pairs is standard with the CR35 which is double that of its closest competitor.

Key benefits

  1. Very high resolution forensic level imaging

  2. Perfect for revealing complex electronics and circuitry

  3. Extremely Thin, Flat, Flexible imaging plates

  4. Reuse image plates 1000+ times

  5. Enhance and store images digitally

  6. Range of image plate sizes up to 90 cm long

  7. Mains/vehicle or battery powered image plate processor

  8. Auto image plate erase (user selection)

  9. Fast deployment at target area

  10. No chemicals

  11. No carousel or clips required in the imaging process

  12. Complete system in a single transit case

  13. Image Plate Processor can be used from inside transit case for all weather operation

CR based x-ray systems available from Scanna are:

> Scanna CR35 Mobile CR X-ray System

> ScanX Scout Battery Powered CR X-ray System     

Scanna CR based portable x-ray  systems operate with any of the Golden pulsed x-ray generators using ScanView X-ray Activation and Image Enhancement software on any Windows XP or Windows 7 laptop or tablet.

>  DR X-ray Systems (Direct Radiography)

>  CCD Based X-ray systems (Digital Camera)

>   a-Si X-ray Systems (Amorphous Silicon)

For information on selecting the right portable x-ray equipment for your own application visit our FAQ page

Portable CR x-ray systems for Search, EOD, IEDD, forensics and NDT

CR - Computed Radiography  - Portable X-ray Systems

X-ray Generators  
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Scanna CR35 
Computed Radiography System with flexible platesComputed_Radiography_System_-CR35_x-ray.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0
CR35 computed radiography system

     CR Based Portable X-ray Imaging Systems


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ScanX Scout 
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Scanxscout computed radiography system