Scansilc EOD X-Ray Systems

Making Security X-Ray as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Scansilc EOD is a straightforward, 3 component portable x-ray system.
It operates in 3 modes: Cable, Wi-Fi and AED (Automatic Exposure Detection)
It requires no additional interface control box reducing complexity and weight whlist increasing reliability in the field.


Only 3 components required – no additional control/interface box


1. Handheld X-Ray Generator connects directly to the imaging panel by cable or wi-fi

2. Flat X-Ray Panel with Integrated Intelligent Control captures x-ray images in seconds

3. Tablet/Laptop controls the x-ray generator and automatically receives the x-ray image data from the imaging panel.

Scansilc 2430 EOD

  • Superlight compact ruggedised x-ray panel for tactical operations                        
  • Highest resolution imaging on the market – best in class 76 micron image clarity
  • High Sharpness Images using Direct Deposit CsI or Gadox technology
  • Unique unibody design with PB protection  for strength and resilience
  • Resilient enough for CBRNE-  Ingress and Water resistant to IP67
  • Image Area: 233 x 300 mm
  • Resolution: 76 microns, 6.5 line pair/mm
  • Dimensions: 362 x 327 x 21.5 mm

SCANSILC EOD – The toughest, most intelligent x-ray panels in the world!

Scansilc 3643 EOD

  • Large format rugged x-ray panel that’s as tough as the job it’s designed for
  • Impact and drop tested to over 1m
  • Switchable wireless and cabled operation
  • Fast set up in less than 2 minutes and fast image acquisition – approx 10 seconds
  • 8.5 hour battery power
  • Imaging Area: 358 x 430mm
  • Resolution: 140 microns, 3.5 lp/mm
  • Dimensions: 466 x 412.2 x 21.5 mm