Rapiscan Conveyor X-Ray Systems

Conveyorised X-ray Systems are a fast and reliable method of screening mail, parcels and cargo and bags for potential explosive threats, weapons, drugs or other prohibited items.

Installed in post rooms and goods in areas conveyorised x-ray machines can quickly screen volumes of letters or parcels to confirm they are safe to enter the building and be opened.

In reception areas they provide a visual deterrent to potential terrorists and will allow security personnel to quickly detect any suspicious bags.

Conveyorised X-ray equipment can also be employed in warehouse facilities for protection against shrinkage.

Scanna recommends and supplies the Rapiscan family of conveyorised x-ray screening systems for non-aviation government and commercial security applications.

Rapiscan x-ray equipment utilises proven imaging technology and software algorithms to highlight threats concealed within baggage. Rapiscan x-ray baggage screeners have passed a number stringent governmental tests and have been successful in protecting high profile events such as London 2012 and Sochi 2014.

Scanna supports Rapiscan equipment through the complete life cycle including the specifying of the correct equipment and accessories, location planning, delivery in, machine operator training, x-ray image analysis training, radiation surveys and service support. Available for UK non-aviation installations only.

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