CR X-ray Systems

What is CR?

Computed Radiography (CR) systems are for when you need hassle free x-ray plates to slide into tight spaces, bend and wrap around objects. CR plates easily combine in multiple formats to cover large areas such as suitcases, vehicles or walls. Plates are processed through a battery powered laser scanner to deliver razor sharp images in around 35 seconds.

ScanX Scout

ScanX Scout is he most popular and widely used CR portable x-ray system for bomb responders. Using flexible x-ray image plates that get into tight spaces and can be used again and again, the ScanX Scout portable x-ray system lets you check almost anything from A4 size to the side of a car.



CR35+ is the latest generation portable CR x-ray imaging system. The CR35+ incorporates the latest in digital technology with full 16 bit performance at 200-50 micron resolution and is capable of scanning imaging plates up to 130 cm long.

CR35+ is used by Military and Police EOD, IEDD and Search Teams, prisons and building security managers for security checking unattended bags and suspicious packages. It also has a multitude of other applications such as forensic work, weapons exploitation and conservation.


Golden Pulsed X-ray Generators

Scanna recommends the Golden XR range of well tried and tested pulsed portable x-ray generators for your defence, security, forensic search and investigative tasks.

  • Short exposure times – Short nano-second bursts of x-ray penetrate denser targets more efficiently and safely than security CP generators with long exposure times, increasing safety for the operator and bystanders.
  • Simple to set up and use – only 1 simple pulse setting to adjust, unlike CP generators which require exposure  time, kV and mA to be calculated and set by the operator.
  • Fast charge and no warm up – batteries charge up in 1 hour, and power the generator without any warmup time.

Image Plates

CR Digital X-ray Image Plates are thin, flat, flexible and re-usable up to a thousand times. They are lightweight (only 100 grams),  easy to deploy with no cables or connections required.

  • Flexible – Deploy in confined spaces or bend plates around targets
  • Lightweight – Less weight for the x-ray operator to carry
  • Use in a mosaic – X-ray plates can be used in multiple formations to cover larger targets in a single x-ray exposure
  • No cables or connections – Easy to deploy, no connections for the operator to make, no restrictions due to cable length or Wi-Fi availability.
  • Range of sizes – 18 x 24 cm, 20 x 30 cm, 24 x 30 cm, 36 x 43 cm, 36 x 90 cm, 36 x 120 cm.

Flexray Kit

Flexray X-ray Image Plate Mounting Systems combine multiple CR image plates into a variety of formats to inspect larger surface areas in a single x-ray shot. The ability to examine large objects  in a single x-ray exposure, reduces your returns to the target area and ultimately your time on task.