DR X-ray Systems

What is DR?

DR Portable X-ray systems use electronic x-ray plates directly linked by cable or wi-fi to an x-ray generator and laptop/tablet. The x-ray generator is fired remotely from the laptop/tablet and the x-ray images automatically transmit back to the laptop/tablet  from the image panel within a few seconds.

Scansilc Ruggedised Flat Panel X-ray System

Choose Scansilc when you’re looking for a lightweight, easy to use DR Portable x-ray system you can just grab and go, that is also hardened and protected against knocks, drops, dirt and water.  Our intelligent lightweight x-ray image panels allow you to control and adjust your x-ray generator from a safe distance and receive super high quality images back to your laptop in a matter of seconds.

All without any extra interface components.

Scansilc X-ray panel, X-ray Generator, Tablet/laptop, 2 Cables – that’s it!

SCANWEDGE ULTRA – Portable X-ray System

For general purpose search tasks and C-IED, Scanwedge Ultra provides a lightweight and backpackable  CCD x-ray solution, producing good quality x-ray images time after time.

Comprising only 3 key components, image panel, laptop and x-ray generator , Scanwedge is completely battery powered, robust and easy to use. Containing no moving parts nor fragile components Scanwedge is ideal for use in tough field environments.

SCANTRAK –  Portable CCD X-ray System

Scantrak is our entry level portable digital x-ray unit used for security checking unattended bags and suspicious packages.

Available with different imager sizes (8 x 10″, 10 x 13″, 11 x 15″ and 13 x 17″) the Scantrak portable x-ray system is easily set up and deployed in 2 minutes by one person and can be configured to suit different environments

Golden Portable X-ray Generators

Scanna recommends the Golden XR range of well tried and tested pulsed portable x-ray generators for a variety of defence, security, forensic search and investigative tasks.