Changes to UK Radiation Regulations – IRR17

IRR17 and IRR(NI)17 place new duties upon employers, which include,  the need to notify or register with HSE if you undertake certain work involving the use of ionising radiation.
Cabinet, conveyor and portable x-ray systems from Scanna  incorporate radiation x-ray generators rated higher than 30kv so are subject to ‘registration’ rather than ‘notification’,
All organisations using these types of x-ray screening equipment fall under the scope of the IRR17 regulations, and the employer of the equipment will need to ensure they have registered with the HSE/HSENI.
Until registration has taken place, no work with ionising radiation should take place.
To submit a ‘Registration’ via the HSE web site as follows:

  1. Log on to
  2. Scroll down and click on ‘Apply Now’
  3. Create an account and continue on to submit the registration.

The following guidance to help complete the online registration:
Question 1 of 6) If there are multiple locations only the main practice needs to be registered
Question 2 of 6) Insert the company registration number if applicable
Question 3 of 6) Number of employees – this is the total number of employees within the organisation
Question 3 of 6) Answer ‘No’ Classified Persons if working with cabinet x-rays
Question 4 of 6) Answer ‘No’. The work does not include the transport of radioactive substances
Question 5 of 6) Only answer ‘Yes’ if hand-held, portable X-ray devices are used, “no” for cabinets
Step 2 of the process gives 3 options to register. Tick to register working with a radiation generator only. This is all that is asked. You don’t need to give any details of the equipment or how many machines you operate.
You will eventually get to the listing of your activity which should show the ‘Status’ as in progress. Click on ‘Register’  and then ‘Save and Continue’ that subsequently appears.
Have a debit card/debit handy as you can pay the £25 fee on line.
For further assistance and for copies of any equipment documentation or critical examination reports, please contact