Mailroom Security X-ray Systems

Mailroom Security X-ray Equipment

Whether you have a smaller office postroom needing a cabinet x-ray mail scanner to screen inbound mail and smaller packages and parcels, or require a high speed conveyorised x-ray equipment for screening bulk mail, courier deliveries and larger parcels you’ve come to the right place.

Our Scanmax mailroom cabinet x-ray machines come in 2 sizes – compact and classic – take up no more space than a 4 drawer filing cabinet, produce high quality x-ray images with a single button, whilst providing the highest level of safety for the operator. Scanmax postroom cabinet x-ray machines are designed for screening post and packages but can also accommodate small bags and briefcases.

We work with the Rapiscan brand of conveyorised x-ray machines to bring aviation level security to mailrooms and reception areas.  Rapiscan conveyor x-ray systems offer best in class imaging resolution with software that recognises and highlights organic and metallic materials for you. Rapiscan x-ray machines also have automatic explosives detection capabilities.

Rapiscan products are only available to our customers in the UK.





Scanmax Mailroom Cabinet X-ray Equipment

Scanmax 15 compact cabinet x-ray machine
Scanmax 25 mailroom x-ray machine
Scanmax 225 cabinet x-ray machine

Rapiscan Conveyorised X-ray Equipment

Rapiscan 618XRH

Rapiscan 620XRVE

Rapiscan 620XR VE

Rapiscan 620XRH

Rapiscan 622XRH