PAS97:2015 Training

Mail streams that go into and around an organisation can provide a vehicle for malicious attacks and become a catalyst for other security incidents. This can adversely affect the day-to-day business of the organisation, as well as its reputation.

Sponsored by the UK Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI), PAS 97:2015 replaces PAS 97:2012 and aims to help organisations identify and implement appropriate postal security measures to meet their particular needs. It specifies requirements and recommendations for mail screening, set in the broader context of postal security. It concentrates on letters and small parcels entering the organisation from any external source, including public/commercial postal services, by hand or by courier delivery.

This PAS97:2015  course guides you through the requirements and recommendations of the PAS 97: 2015 in an easy to read format with voiceover. The training program explains in a straightforward way, how the guide can be used to help organisations understand the importance of inbound mailscreening, assess their level of risk and select and implement standards for mailscreening within their own business.

There is a short exam following completion of the course and a training certificate is available to print off.

PAS 97: 2015 Mail screening & security training guide:

•  Specification for mail screening and security
•  Assessing the risk
•  Discreet threat objects
•  White powders
•  Disgruntled employees
•  Assessing vulnerability
•  Screening levels
•  Physical protective measures
•  Level 5 screening
•  Human factors
•  Explosive or incendiary indicators
•  Threat image projection

For further details and to book the online training visit: PAS97:2015 online training

To purchase a copy of the PAS97:2015 specification for mailscreening visit: PAS97 specification for mailscreening.


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  • Trusted company with more than 30 years experience in the screening and detection marketplace
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  • ISO9001 audited, Trace and Cyber Essentials Certified
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