Standard System Configuration


  • Scanwedge is designed to be easy to set up and operate in under 5 minutes. It combines just 3 core components – X-ray imager, X-ray generator and laptop
  • Scanwedge is lightweight, rugged and man-portable. The compact flat panel is designed for easy access in confined areas.
  • The X-ray generator is controlled from a distance using the system’s Scanview software. Multiple X-rays of varying exposure times can be taken in seconds without the need to re-approach
  • Scanwedge is compatible with both Golden pulsed X-ray generators and industrial X-ray sources
  • Scanwedge is a real time X-ray system and does not require any expensive consumables or processing equipment.

Power Source: 100-240 VAC

Dimensions: 54 (h) x 27 (w) Depth of Panel at Imaging Area: 1.8 cm

Imaging Area: 20 x 25 cm (8 x 10”)

Weight: 5.2 kg

Receptor: High Performance CCD


  • Scanwedge is supplied in a wheeled ruggedised, weather resistant case with 50m cable reel.
  • A lightweight backpack for rapid or lightweight deployment operations is available as an option.

Laptop options

  • Scanwedge is supplied with a high performance laptop running Windows 10 Professional.
  • Minimum spec: Intel Dual Core Processor, 500 GB Hard Drive, 4 Gb Memory.
  • Other brand name variants and ruggedised MilSpec models with foreign keyboard and OS options are available.
  • Wireless option (802.11G)