Transport Security

Scanna offers a range of threat screening and detection products designed to meet the requirements of Transport Police and Security staff at mass transit locations.

Transport security is paramount as hubs such as Railway and Underground Stations are vulnerable to attack due to the ability of a single bomb threat to severely disrupt transport networks and invoke chaos.

The ability to quickly set up portable metal detector units at rail and metro stops for random security checks has both a deterrent and threat detection value.

The deployment of Scanna portable x-ray units helps Transportation Police respond to and resolve incidents involving suspicious packages and unattended bags found on trains and buses and across the transport network as a whole.

Portable x-ray systems using flexible film plates can also be utilised at ports to screen small  cargo and to carry out EOD and Contraband searches aboard vessels.

Handheld backscatter x-ray equipment can be useful for finding explosive material within bags and concealed in voids.