10 Suspicious package indicators

10 Suspicious Package Indicator Signs to look out for

All in coming mail should be visually examined upon receipt for:

1.          Point of origin, postmarks etc or if the mail has arrived form an unusual source i.e. foreign origin, via courier or just appeared.

2.          The manuscript or type and style of writing may be unusual and indicate foreign origin. Incorrect spelling may also arouse suspicion.

3.         Are there urgency markers attached or over emphasis of privacy (i.e. only to be opened by… etc) this may indicate a particular target.

4.         There may be peculiarities in amount of postage, too much or too little.

5.          The type of package or envelope is it rigid and inflexible or can you feel anything unusual inside. A bomb will need a power source, a battery etc. A timer or means of detonation and explosives. These may be high or low explosive.

6.         Are there any signs of staining or discoloration on the package or envelope, grease or similar.

7.          Does it have an unusual odour (items should not be “sniffed”) some forms of explosive give off a distinct smell of almonds or marzipan.

8.         Does the item feel unbalanced or heavier at one end? The package may contain nuts, bolts or nails to make shrapnel.

9.         Is anything protruding from the item such as wires or silver foil.

10.        Is there any sign of powder leaking from the envelope