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Find your perfect x-ray system at Intersec Dubai 20-22 Jan 2019

At Intersec Dubai this year, Scanna will be demonstrating how ScanX Scout CR and Scansilc rugged DR flat panel portable x-ray systems BOTH have a place in your search and EOD toolkit.

Now available with a new range of pulsed x-ray generators giving you higher performance and better radiation safety than ever before.

Our sales team will be delighted to welcome you on our stand S3-A37 between 20-22nd January and explain the unique benefits of Scanna portable x-ray systems.

To book a timed appointment please email

Scanna proud sponsors of the AFPST

afpst sponsor - scanna
In 2010, at just 18, Owen Pick stood on an IED in Afghanistan. Since then he has pioneered snowboarding to the highest levels (more recently at the 2018 Paralympics) as a single leg amputee. 
Andy Barlow was awarded the George Medal for his actions. As a single leg amputee,
Andy has not only achieved great results in downhill ski racing but has also excelled as an offshore sailor.
Darren ‘Swifty’ Swift was injured in Northern Ireland and has devoted a great deal of his time since then supporting others both as an ambassador for Blesma, The Limbless Veterans and through his long career as an actor, highlighting the challenges of being a double leg amputee. 
Scanbn was were able to celebrate their inspiring achievements last night as a sponsor at the End of Season Dinner at the BT Tower.  These people are awesome and are truly an inspiration to us all.
Scanna are proud to support Owen, Andy, Swifty and the Armed Forces Para-Snowsport Team. We would encourage others to do the same and visit for more information. 

Changes to UK Radiation Regulations – IRR17

IRR17 and IRR(NI)17 place new duties upon employers, which include,  the need to notify or register with HSE if you undertake certain work involving the use of ionising radiation.

Cabinet, conveyor and portable x-ray systems from Scanna  incorporate radiation generators rated higher than 30kv so are subject to ‘registration’ rather than ‘notification’,

All organisations using these types of x-ray screening equipment fall under the scope of the IRR17 regulations, and the employer of the equipment will need to ensure they have registered with the HSE/HSENI.

All registrations must be carried out before 5 February 2018, and until registration has taken place, no work with ionising radiation should take place.

To submit a ‘Registration’ via the HSE web site as follows:

  1. Log on to
  2. Scroll down and click on ‘Apply Now’
  3. Create an account and continue on to submit the registration.

The following guidance to help complete the online registration:

Question 1 of 6) If there are multiple locations only the main practice needs to be registered

Question 2 of 6) Insert the company registration number if applicable

Question 3 of 6) Number of employees – this is the total number of employees within the organisation

Question 3 of 6) Answer ‘No’ Classified Persons if working with cabinet x-rays

Question 4 of 6) Answer ‘No’. The work does not include the transport of radioactive substances

Question 5 of 6) Only answer ‘Yes’ if hand-held, portable X-ray devices are used, “no” for cabinets

Step 2 of the process gives 3 options to register. Tick to register working with a radiation generator only. This is all that is asked. You don’t need to give any details of the equipment or how many machines you operate.

You will eventually get to the listing of your activity which should show the ‘Status’ as in progress. Click on ‘Register’  and then ‘Save and Continue’ that subsequently appears.

You have until 6th February to complete the ‘Registration’ and have a debit card/debit handy as you can pay the £25 fee on line.

For further assistance and for copies of any equipment documentation or critical examination reports, please contact


See the world’s toughest most intelligent portable x-ray panels at UK Security Expo


Scanna are excited to launch the world’s toughest, most intelligent portable security x-ray panels at the UK Security expo running from 29-30 November at London Olympia.

At last! Portable X-ray panels designed and hardened specifically for the demands of security professionals involved in front line tasks.

Scansilc EOD  flat panel security x-ray systems with ruggedised tablets are designed for users who ensure security in the in the fields of police, customs, aviation, transport, crowded spaces, critical infrastructure who need best in class imaging and performance in a hassle free, lightweight configuration.

Best in class resolution – Get unrivalled 76 micron resolution, 6 line pair x-ray images to improve operator confidence and decision making.

  • Toughest design-   IP67,   impact and drop tested x-ray panel with a strong Unibody structure and grab and go handle. Gives you total reliability in all conditions without the hassle and need for additional protective panel covers
  • Panel Integrated system control – Control your x-ray pulses and x-ray firing from the tablet – both wired and wirelessly – without any connecting interface box.
  • Fewer components to carry and set up – Just your x-ray panel, x-ray generator, table and back up cables.  Be ready in 90 seconds. No bulky interface box, interface cables, nor protective covers required.
  • Less hassle – Fewer components; fewer connections;  less time to set up; less to go wrong.

Email us for more information


Scanna is pleased to report that, following an audited review of its IT systems and security processes, it has achieved Cyber Essentials Accreditation.

Cyber Security accreditation demonstrates Scanna’s continued commitment to information security and secure systems, providing assurance to its clients and business partners.

Paul Taylor, Sales Director at Scanna said “Information security of the highest priority to Scanna and its client base. Achieving our Cyber Essentials  accreditation shows Scanna’s commitment to the ongoing  improvement of its security processes and the importance we give to protecting sensitive information.”

Cyber Essentials is  designed to help organisations implement protection against cyber-attack, demonstrating that they take cyber security seriously. The five basic controls within Cyber Essentials were chosen because, when properly in use, they will help to protect against unskilled internet-based attackers using commodity capabilities – which are freely available on the internet.

Rapiscan 620XR VE


Scanna launches the new Rapiscan 620XR VE small frame high performance x-ray screener for postal and building security clients who want to screen larger objects but have reduced operating space.

The new Rapiscan 620XR VE machine released this month is exciting for Scanna and its customers as it offers a sizeable  62 x 42 cm tunnel for the screening of  larger sized boxes and visitor bags but with a short frame size of only 168 cm (without UK safety tunnels) and 82 cm wide.

The viewing screen is a generous 22” and its height has been adjusted to be on an optimised ergonomic level for operators with a modern style monitor cart for those requiring remote operations.

The 620XR VE model incorporates Rapiscan’s new enhanced software algorithms that provide far superior imaging to its original XR models.

The new Dual Mode X-ray Imaging Technique (DMxT) provides best in class material discrimination and best component level image quality by leveraging the dual energy imaging technique combined with unique data collection.

SINERGY is Rapiscan’s latest image enhancement tool utilizing DMxT which enhances the visibility of thin metal and low density material such as powders, liquid and chemicals.

Combined with the latest TIP, operator monitoring and performance software and the ability to export images for analysis off site, the Rapiscan 620XR VE represents the best value, high specification conveyorised x-ray machine for the building and postal security market.

For further information contact:

Kirstine Wilson, Scanna MSC Ltd    .   Telephone: 0207 355 3555  .  Email:

Scanna equipment used at commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele

Belgium authorities used Scanna equipment as part of the security arrangements to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele.

The events, which were attended by members of the Royal Family and Senior Politicians, were held to remember the many thousands of servicemen who sacrificed their lives at this decisive battle in WW1.
Scanna x-ray equipment is simple to use, easy to set up, and can be used to detect weapons, explosives and other threat items.
100th anniversary of Battle of Passchendaele

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele. (Source: POOL/Reuters)


Mail Screening Test Piece

The UK mail screening test piece (MSTP) is now available to all cabinet and conveyor x-ray operators to allow them to verify the image quality of their mailroom x-ray machines.

The MSTP was developed by the Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST), in association with CPNI, to monitor the image quality of mailroom x-ray systems. The MSTP is recommended for checking regularly that the x-ray system is performing to the expected standard; it does so in terms of:

  • Single wire resolution; ability to resolve a single wire behind varying thicknesses of aluminium;
  • Spatial resolution in the vertical and horizontal directions;
  • Imaging metal sheets of varying thickness;
  • Materials discrimination;
  • Imaging powders of varying thickness;
  • Imaging and penetration of paper and paper substitutes of varying thickness.

The tests on the mail screening test piece are designed specifically to cover the full range in apability of both cabinet and conveyorized X-ray machines used for mail screening but also allow for advances that could be made to the technologies in future years.

For more information download our MSTP datasheet here – MSTP – Mail Screening Test Piece – V1, I1


Busy exhibition week for Scanna

It’s going to be an exciting week starting 18th April with Scanna attending 2 major shows.

Our Asia country managers are flying off to Kuala Lumpur for DSA 2016 and we look forwarding to spending time with our distributors and meeting new faces.

You can find us on Stand F4013.

The rest of the team will be busy at Security Counter Terror Expo at Olympia, London. We’ll have some new lightweight x-ray equipment to talk about for those looking to upgrade their existing capability.

We’ll also have the Mini-Z handheld backscatter imager for those interested in finding explosives behind non-metallic surfaces.

Find us on Stand D32 and talk through how we can help improve what you do already with x-rays.