Scansilc 2430

Scansilc 2430

SCANSILC 2430 is a new robust and compact x-ray panel for security, defence and light industrial x-ray applications. The x-ray detector panel is designed for security and EOD operators, is dust and water tight, impact and drop tested to 1m, yet weighs only 2.8 kg.

The detector imaging area is 233 x 300 mm and produces exceptional 16 bit, 76 micron high resolution images. The system is PB protected and designed for seamless operation with both pulsed and CP x-ray generators.

Scansilc is a versatile x-ray system, giving you the choice of various operational options according to your mission but without all the unnecessary power interface boxes and communications hubs that other x-ray models require.

Synchronised Operation

Fully cabled operation

  • cable between x-ray imager and laptop/tablet

  • cable between x-ray imager and x-ray source

Semi Cabled/semi wi-fi

  • cable between x-ray imager and x-ray source

  • wireless communication between x-ray imager and laptop/tablet

Wireless Mode

  • bluetooth communication between x-ray imager and x-ray source

  • wi-fi communication between x-ray imager and laptop/tablet

AED mode

AED mode allows the use of any Golden Engineering pulsed X-ray sources and approved CP x-ray sources in a manual mode without any connection to the imaging components.

Image Data transmission back to the laptop/tablet can be via cable or wi-fi.


SImilar to AED mode with the x-ray source operated manually (cable connection optional)

The X-ray detector panel and tablet and preconfigured for the x-ray operator to allow for rapid grab and go deployment.

No trailing cables
No unnecessary interface components
No wi-fi drop outs

Place system components
Fire x-ray generator
View High resolution X-ray image

SCANNO - the art of less is more

Less of what you don't need
Less to go wrong
Less hassle

More of what you want
More rugged and reliable
High definition Image in seconds

  • Best in Class Imaging Quality of 76 microns
  • Drop Tested to Over 1m on All 4 Corners
  • Ruggedised Unibody Design


Standard system configuration

Scansilc 2430

  • Panel Image Area: 24 x 30 cm
  • Active Image Area: 233 x 300 mm
  • Pixel Pitch: 76 micron
  • Resolution: 6.5 lp/mm
  • Physical Dimensions: 327 x 362 x 21.5 mm
  • Weight: 2.8 kgs
  • Evironmental Protection: IP67 (Dust and water resistance)
  • Drop Test: Over 1m on all 4 corners

Unique control of the image panel and x-ray generator safely from the tablet/laptop without any additional bulky interface box, interface cables and connectors.

User selectable operational modes

Synchronised - fully cabled, semi-cabled and wireless or AED (automatic exposure detection)

Uniquely designed for security applications

Not a fragile medical panel in a protective cover

Unique IP67 environmental protection against dirt, dust and water ingress. IP68 connectors

Suitable for marine environments, desert climates. Can be easily sterilised and decontaminated

Unique load bearing weight of 170 kg

Small dead zone at bottom of panel of 7 mm


  • A range of X-ray generator and control unit options are available
  • Custom cable lengths for remote operation
  • Custom wireless configurations
  • ScanDem dual energy module for material discrimation
  • Custom backpacks and transport solutions