Our Work

Scanna works with Military, Law Enforcement and Government Agencies in more than 100 different countries. We hold Defense Supply and Support Contracts for our Portable X-ray Systems with the US DoD, and with several NATO countries.

In the Commercial Sector, we work with a wide range of organizations from Multinational Corporations, Banks and Insurance Companies, Oil and Gas and Utility Companies, Media and Telecoms Corporations, Pharmaceutical and Food Manufacturers, Large Retail Chains, the Nuclear Industry through to Legal Firms and Accountants.

Screening solutions include cabinet x-ray machines for mail and parcel screening and portable x-ray systems for building search, suspicious package and baggage checks, or for counter-surveillance work.

As well as designing and specifying x-ray screening and detection equipment we support all our products with operator and x-ray image analysis training and equipment service and maintenance contracts.

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Why choose scanna?

  • Trusted company with more than 20 years experience in the screening and detection marketplace
  • UK MoD and US DoD Contractor
  • Equipment meets all CE, EMC, FDA and FCC standards
  • ISO9001 audited quality systems and procedures
  • Subject matter experts come from law enforcement, and military backgrounds
  • Many Security Cleared staff

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