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Whether you need to secure a press meeting, AGM, or a special music or sporting event Scanna can help you organize a robust screening and detection capability to ensure the safety of your visitors and your venue. 

Our service includes delivery to site, full install ation and calibration, operational training for your staff and collection of the equipment after the event.

Equipment includes walkthrough and handheld metal detectors for people screening, x-ray baggage screening equipment and portable x-ray systems for building search or for checking unattended baggage.


Why choose scanna?

  • Trusted company with more than 20 years experience in the screening and detection marketplace
  • UK MoD and US DoD Contractor
  • Equipment meets all CE, EMC, FDA and FCC standards
  • ISO9001 audited quality systems and procedures
  • Subject matter experts come from law enforcement, and military backgrounds
  • Many Security Cleared staff

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