Security Briefings and Seminars

A sound security program depends upon procedures and people. Staff awareness of potential risks must be created and maintained and the rationale and methodology to reduce risks must be communicated and constantly enforced.
Conducted both on and off site our security seminars will help increase general alertness against the threat of explosive, non-lethal and biological threats.
Postal Security Seminars
Designed for mailroom supervisors and staff, security staff, facility managers, office and building service managers, receptionists, secretaries and all personnel who normally handle mail.
The postal security seminar will help you understand the threat to your organisation from a postal device or white powder attack.  Attendees will have the opportunity to handle a selection of postal devices and teaches recognition skills using the 7 S’s and postal screening techniques.
Building and Premises Security Seminars
Our building and premises security training discusses the threat to organisations from postal devices and white powder attacks as well as  person delivered threats such as weapons, incendiaries, suspect baggage and unattended, abandoned items.
Topics covered are threat awareness, and security measures building search, postal security and visitor screening.
Who should attend:

  • Banking, Finance, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Media, Utilities, Central business districts
  • Local authorities / Government bodies
  • Transport Security staff – Rail, bus, and underground
  • Leisure industry – hotels, bars, pubs and nightclubs
  • Retail industry –  shopping centre, large retail and supermarket groups
  • Tourist sights, Museums and attractions
  • Sporting stadia or arenas
  • Events, conferencing, exhibition venues

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