Threat Awareness Training

In today‚Äôs world threat awareness and prevention coupled with training is becoming ever more vital. All of us have a duty of care to ensure that our businesses and working environments  operate safely and with a high degree of security.
The Improvised Explosive Device (IED) is still the weapon of choice for terrorist organisations. Malicious individuals may employ other less deadly but nonetheless hazardous and disruptive  methods of attack using weapons or white powder letters, cutting devices, incendiaries, excrement etc.
The changing and  improvised nature of such attacks means it is essential for those involved in the safety and security of their organisations to keep abreast of the evolving modus operandi and technical developments employed by terrorist organisations and an understanding of the wide ranging threats that could be made by a member of the public. A Threat Awareness Course will  explain why your organisation may be at threat and how you can develop robust in-house security techniques to counter future threats.
Threat recognition (postal, baggage, unattended and abandoned items) and x-ray image image analysis training can also be provided by one of our Threat Experts which provides staff with indepth x-ray image interpretation skills and the confidence to recognise potential threats.
Who should attend:

  • Banking, Finance, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Media, Utilities, Central business districts
  • Local authorities / Government bodies
  • Transport Security staff – Rail, bus, and underground
  • Leisure industry – hotels, bars, pubs and nightclubs
  • Retail industry –  shopping centre, large retail and supermarket groups
  • Security industry
  • Tourist sights, Museums and attractions
  • Sporting stadia or arenas
  • Events, conferencing, exhibition venues

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