X-ray Image Interpretation Training

X-ray image interpretation training  provides x-ray machine operators with the necessary x-ray image analysis skills and confidence to recognise and deal with potential threats.
The x-ray image interpretation sessions are normally delivered onsite by  Scanna training instructors who have expert police and military knowledge. We use a range of simulated training aids that will help you become familiar with the shapes and compositions of the various common types of letter bombs, parcel bombs and incendiary devices, in addition to other non-explosive threats contained in  postal packages or baggage.
The course is very much hands on, using your own x-ray machine and a question and answer session at the end of the course helps measure the students’ understanding.
Certificates are provided upon completion of the course.
Who should attend:

  • Postal Security X-ray Operators
  • Baggage Security X-ray Operators
  • Portable X-ray Equipment Operators

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