Operator and Equipment Training

Operator training is essential in assisting you get the most out of your Scanna product and in ensuring you carry out effective screening. Operator training is normally provided at the time of your equipment installation and commissioning by one of our fully qualified Engineers.

X-ray Operational Training covers:

  • Equipment Set up and Start Up
  • Basic operation and overview of any enhancement features
  • Software Training where applicable
  • An introduction to X-ray image Interpretation
  • Basic Radiation Safety
  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Equipment Care

The general introduction outlined above would be included with the installation price of any new equipment. Threat awareness, threat recognition and x-ray image image analysis training can also be provided by one of our Threat Experts which provides staff with indepth x-ray image interpretation skills and the confidence to recognise potential threats.

Metal Detector Operator Training covers:

  • Equipment Assembly
  • Adjusting and customising settings
  • Equipment charging where applicable
  • Basic Troubleshooting

Explosives Detector Operator Training covers:

  • Set up and calibration
  • Sample taking
  • Sample reading and interpretation