Security and Policing 2024

The Annual Security and Policing event run by ADS for the UK Home Office is fantastic opportunity to meet security professionals, policy developers and stakeholders from the National Security Sector.

This year we are showcasing our new Scansilc 4357 slim panel x-ray detector which will screen carry on luggage size items in a single x-ray scan which will be perfect for airport and transport security operations.

Also on show is the new Golden XR Multi-Directional pulsed x-ray generators that have rotational caps to allow you to direct your x-ray beam in multiple different directions. Ideal for when you are operating in a confined space such as under a vehicle and providing more flexibility to the job of the x-ray operator.

Last, but not least, we have our new shoescanning demonstror with new improved algorithms. This fast step on, step off device will operate seamlessly alongside aviation bodyscanners to check the safety of shoes whilst improving aviation screening times

First morning at Security and Policing 2024