Security X-ray

Are you looking for security x-ray systems for screening post, bags or suspicious packages? Scanna offers the widest range of cabinet and portable x-ray screening equipment that is reliable to use with  high quality x-ray images that enable you to do your job quickly, easily, safely and confidently.

Portable X-ray Systems

Searching for the right portable  x-ray system for a specific security task?  Scanna offers you the widest range of high resolution CR and DR portable x-ray systems for security and defence. So whether you need to check suspicious packages and bags, screen vehicles or carry out forensic exploitation work, we have the perfect x-ray system for you.

Mailroom Security X-ray Systems

Whether you have a smaller office postroom needing a cabinet x-ray machine to screen inbound mail and smaller packages and parcels, or require a high speed conveyorised x-ray equipment for screening bulk mail, courier deliveries and larger parcels you’ve come to the right place.

Walkthrough Metal Detection

Becoming increasingly important at events and around specific locations. Metal detectors can play a key role in ensuring people are safe by detecting concealed articles.

Employing metal detection at entry points provides both a valuable visible deterrent against those wanting to bring weapons or bomb making components into your building or venue as well as screening for metallic threats.

Offering both portable and conventional metal detectors, we can advise on the best location for siting your metal detector and provide a complete delivery, installation, calibration and training service.

Rapiscan conveyor x-ray systems

Rapiscan Conveyorised X-ray Systems are a fast and reliable method of screening post, packages, parcels, cargo and bags for potential explosive threats, weapons, drugs or other prohibited items.

In postrooms and goods-in areas Rapiscan conveyor x-ray machines will quickly screen your mail,  parcels and courier deliveries at point of entry.

In reception areas and at events, baggage x-ray scanners  provide a visual deterrent to potential terrorists and will allow your security personnel to quickly detect any suspicious items, including prohibited liquids.

If you need to protect against shrinkage, conveyorised x-ray scanners work alongside metal detector arches in warehouses and distribution centres.

Need help deciding?

Sometimes we need a little help before making a big decision like selecting a security x-ray machine or metal detector.

We’re here to help and we welcome all of your questions.

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