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Global risks to our security and safety are forever increasing and evolving, making Security and Threat Screening a priority. SCANNA is a globally recognised leader in Counter Terrorism and Threat Detection Technology, specialising in high performance portable security x-ray systems and mailroom security x-ray scanners. Our wider product range includes metal detectors, baggage x-ray scanners, people scanners and vehicle screening solutions.

SCANNA has over 30 years of experience in understanding and supporting security and defence markets for a broad range of business, government and military customers and is now able to offer this technology to support the inspection needs of the NDT marketplace.

Portable X-ray Products

Security Scanners for mail, parcel, baggage and people

NDT X-ray Products

Scanna provides security screening and inspection products you can trust to do their job and for service support that is second to none.

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Security Threat Screening and Detection

Protecting your people, your property and the places we work and live in is our priority. We specialise in security x-ray systems for screening post, bags or suspicious packages, offering a wide range of postal and portable x-ray screening equipment that is robust and reliable. Our security x-ray machines produce high quality x-ray images that enable you to do your job quickly, easily, safely and confidently. For visitor screening, our range of fixed and portable metal and explosives detectors help keep threats out and people safe. It's not just a duty of care, it's not just peace of mind, it's part of the way we think and work today.


Defence and Law Enforcement

Scanna has a long track record of providing high performance portable x-ray detection equipment to the Military, Defence and Policing Sectors, giving us a deep insight into the challenges our customers face.

Our portable x-ray systems combine cutting edge, ruggedised field proven technologies with simple-to-use functionality, enabling x-ray operators to make fast, intelligent decisions in the most challenging of circumstances.

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NDT and Forensics

For NDT and Forensic applications, we offer rugged high-performance battery powered X-ray screening systems that are robust, easy to use, safe and reliable for field based operators.

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