Portable X-Ray Systems

DR Portable X-ray Systems

(Direct Radiography - Rugged X-ray Imagers - no processor)

Scansilc X-ray Imaging Panels are different to all the others.

They have intelligent, sophisticated circuitry that carry out all the x-ray capture, processing and transfer without the bulky interface boxes that other x-ray systems require.

They are rugged, water-resistant and drop-proof to 3ft without any additional protection.

Connect by cable or wi-fi to a laptop or tablet, add a portable x-ray generator (pulsed or CP) and you have a complete system. Fast and easy to set up and use. Compact and lightweight. Helping operators complete their missions quickly, effectively, and reliably.

SCANNO - Scansilc 1824

Scansilc 1824 is a portable X-ray system designed to meet the specific needs of fast moving bomb …


Scansilc 2430

SCANSILC 2430 is a new robust and compact x-ray panel for security, defense, and light industrial …


Scansilc 3643

Scansilc 3643 is a robust, large format intelligent x-ray panel for security and defense x-ray …



Scantrak is a multi-application portable digital X-ray system with 20 x 25 cm (8 x 10”) and 25 x 30 …


CR Portable X-ray Systems

Flexible electronic free X-Ray plates with processor

If you need x-ray plates in a range of sizes that are thin and flexible enough to get into difficult areas or to attach or bend around a large object then CR X-ray plates are perfect for your job.

CR plates are lightweight and flexible and provide true ground-level imaging. They combine with any pulsed or CP x-ray generator to provide a very lightweight on-target x-ray screening solution with no wires or setup required.

The image plates are read using a CR processor to provide a high-quality image on a companion laptop or pc screen. The processor is portable enough to take to a scene or can be operated from a remote control point or vehicle.

ScanX Scout

ScanX Scout Portable Digital X-ray system with re-usable flexible film plates. ScanX Scout is a …


Flexible X-ray Image Plates

CR Digital X-ray Image Plates are used with the ScanX Scout and CR35 X-ray processors to take high …



Flexray X-ray Image Plate Mounting Systems combine multiple CR image plates into a variety of …


Portable X-ray Generators

Golden pulsed x-ray sources


The XR150 X-ray generator is a 150kV, battery powered, pulsed X-ray generator used primarily for …



The XR200 is a 150 kV, battery powered, pulsed X-ray generator used in security and light …


XRS-3 Heavy Duty

The XRS3 is a 270 kV, battery powered, pulsed X-ray generator used in security and light industrial …