Scanmail 10K

Scanmail 10K

The Scanna SCANMAIL 10K is the world’s number one letterbomb detector, tried and trusted by over 100,000 users across the globe.

Scanmail is an electronic mail screening device that instantly sounds visual and audible alarms when a suspect package passes through its detection zone.

Capable of detecting common mail bomb components, regardless of the type of explosive used, SCANMAIL 10K can quickly screen handfuls of mail or small packages with ease. It also has the ability to permit typical metallic stationery items such as paperclips and staples to pass through its hand-feed mail chute without signaling an alarm, thus ensuring there is no disruption nor delay to daily mailroom procedures.

  • Scanmail 10K Mailscreener / Letter Bomb Detector
  • Demo Kit
  • Test Card
  • Mains Lead
  • Operating Manual
  • 12 Month Back to Base Exchange Warranty


Standard system configuration

Scanmail 10K

  • Quickly screens bundles of mail and parcels up to 2.5” (6cm) thick (about the size of a standard telephone directory).
  • Alerts instantly when potentially harmful items of mail i.e. mail bombs and their components (such as batteries or detonators), razor blades or weapons are detected, providing both audible and visual alarms.
  • Ignores completely harmless stationery items such as paperclips and staples thus avoiding disruption to normal business and mail handling procedures.
  • Ready to operate straight from the shipping carton. Requires no calibration, set-up or operator training. Emits no radiation and will not damage camera film, magnetic tape nor computer discs. Incorporates extra back-up circuitry.
  • Weighs just 8 kgs (17 lbs). Can be moved to reception areas for spot checks on hand delivered items and courier deliveries. An integral battery can be used when mains power is not available.

Power Supply

100V +/- 15 and 220V +/- 15 single phase 50/60 hz – (state voltage when ordering)


420 mm x 446 mm x 228 mm (unpacked) 16.5″ x 17.5″ x 9 ” (unpacked)
520 mm x 550 mm x 320 mm (packed) 20.5″ x 21.5″ x 12.5″ (packed)


9 kgs (20 lbs) net, 13 kgs (30lbs) packed

Max Parcel Speed

38cm (15″) wide x 6 cm (2.5″) thick x unlimited length

Screening Speed

  • Approx 10,000 items per hour

  • Contents of mailsack can be scanned in approximately 3-5 minutes

Radiation Safety

Scanmail emits no radiation and will not damage camera film, magnetic tape, computer discs, CDs DVDs, video tape, ID cards, Credit Cards


  • Spare Test Card
  • Spare Demo Kit
  • Flying Lead