Scanna brand threat detection equipment is available for sale both in the UK and overseas. Rapiscan equipment including the Mini-Z is only available to UK end users.

We supply direct to UK end users and resellers providing an end to end service including delivery, installation, operator training and after sales support and maintenance.

Overseas Distributor sales can be made ex works, FCA, CPT or DAP and we provide export crating and legalisation of docs where required.

No export licences are required for overseas transportation of Scanna brand products.

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Training is essential to support the best use of your Scanna product and to ensure staff have an end to end view of its implementation.

When introducing new security processes you need to ensure that employees understand the threat background, the benefits of the security product and are confident in using the equipment or software efficiently. Training is tailored to individual user requirements ranging from one to one operator training to Train-the-Trainer technical support programs.

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Our flexible lease financing arrangements are designed to help you secure the assets you need – without eating into capital budgets or adding unnecessary risk.

There will be times where your business may find it difficult to justify the expense of an outright equipment purchase.

There may be no budget left to allocate, the finance department may take issue with the transaction, or you may have a pre-existing functional asset that performs competently albeit not especially well.

An operating lease presents a solution to this problem without committing any capital expenditure and as it is positioned as a business expense it can reduce pre-tax profits

You benefit from fixed monthly outgoings over 12-60 months and the ability to include maintenance and training costs across the full leasing term.

At the end of the lease there are options to either continue the monthly rentals, upgrade to the latest equipment with minimum hassle or purchase the asset outright for a nominal figure.

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Contact us for relocation of your x-ray equipment either within your existing building or to another site.

Scanna uses a team of specialist movers, with many years of experience handling x-ray equipment, to give you confidence that your machine will be relocated safety and securely.

Equipment will be recommissioned and a radiation survey undertaken by our expert engineers to confirm the continued integrity of the equipment and to ensure compliance to the Ionising Radiation Regulations 2017 (IRR17)

Contact us on 01793 786046 or email for a quotation.

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