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To get the most out of your security x-ray equipment requires support of both the operator and the maintenance of the equipment itself. If you need to set up a maintenance contract or schedule a service call, radiation leakage check or equipment relocation or return for your security x-ray product then we’re just a click away.

Get in touch to ensure that your Scanna x-ray or metal detection system is fully supported throughout its product lifecycle via our planned preventative maintenance and support contracts.

Support and Training

Once you have purchased a Scanna security screening product, you can ensure the best use of its capabilities through one of our comprehensive operator training programs which include new operator machine familiarisation, threat awareness and x-ray image intepretation training. We can also provide guidance on compliance with the UK Ionising Radiation Regulations and provide a list of Radiation Protection Advisors that can assist you with your risk assessments, local rules and RPS training.

For more information on the training we can offer visit our Training Page.

Get in touch today with your operator training requirements.

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