NDT X-ray Systems


DR X-ray Panels
Oil & Gas

The Scansilc NDT range of ruggedised, water resistant x-ray panels are ideal for NDT/NDA applications in refineries, offshore platforms, power stations and exploration facilities.

High sensitivity panels need lower radiation exposure, making them safer for operators in the field.
Scansilc portable X-ray systems are ideal for radiographic inspections of pipes, pressure containers, valves and structural welds. The high sensitivity, high contrast and high resolution x-ray detector plates will highlight defects and flaws such porosity, cracks, inclusions, corrosion/CUI and erosion as well as measuring for wall thickness of pipes. The systems are compact, rugged and water resistant whilst being easy to carry and thin format to fit into tight areas and for work in elevated areas.


Scansilc X-ray detectors lend themselves perfectly to the x-ray inspection of aircraft for both production manufacturing and maintenance assurance.

DR Systems produce images in near real time avoiding the time required with processing CR x-ray plates and to speed up workflows. Multiple x-ray exposures can be taken and compared on screen with no wasted time retrieving image plates for scanning and erasing.

The high sensitivity of the Scansilc x-ray detector panels mean less exposure, lower dose and the ability to work in closer proximity to the work area. The outstanding definition of the x-ray image allows for improved inspection and analysis times.

Scanna X-ray systems are trusted globally in harsh operational environments. Our solutions are used for quick, safe and accurate analysis in varied industries. They are rugged, battery operated and have a low weight burden.

Portable X-ray Sources

Portable Pulsed X-ray Generators

Golden pulsed x-ray sources are battery-powered, portable, X-ray generators used for light industrial applications. With superior penetrating ability, these portable x-ray generators are smaller, lighter and safer than alternative technologies.


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XRS-3 Heavy Duty X-ray Generator

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