NCT PRO Challenge Asia

At the end of 2023, Scanna had the opportunity to participate in the NCT PRO Challenge Asia, a two-week-training event in Thailand that brought together experts and professionals from the realms of security, technology, and public safety.

This was an excellent opportunity to collaborate with an industry partner and work alongside EOD, Special Forces and CBRNe professionals.  Furthermore. the hands-on practical scenarios provided a unique chance to demonstrate the capabilities of our Scansilc rugged x-ray equipment. In the challenges, our equipment rose to the top and operators were able to observe how quickly, and efficiently high-quality x-ray images can be obtained when using Scansilc panels.

Overall, participating in the NCT PRO Challenge Asia was an enriching experience which allowed Scanna to highlight the effectiveness of our technology and the dedication of our team. We look forward to participating in more NCT events in 2024, which we’re sure will be just as valuable.

Next NCT Event - NCT América del Sur, 6 - 8 February