SCANNO - Scansilc 1824

SCANNO X-ray System with Scansilc 1824 imager

Scansilc 1824 is a portable X-ray system designed to meet the specific needs of fast moving bomb techs and those involved in covert search bomb disposal and security tasks. This is the future of portable X-ray for tactical operations.

Scansilc is designed for rapid grab-and-go deployment and comprises a small lightweight x-ray generator, compact rugged detector panel and a viewing tablet.

A complete x-ray system weighs under 5kg and can be easily deployed discreetly from a small case or backpack.

The Scansilc detector panel produces a market-leading (76 micron) high definition x-ray image allowing operators to investigate suspicious items with confidence. The detector panel is water and dust-proof - ideal for operation in the field and Resilient enough for CBRNE and decontamination - Ingress and Water resistant to IP67.

SCANNO mode is the new innovative way to operate your portable x-ray system.

With grab and go deployment and Auto exposure detection (AED), a manual X-ray firing is detected and the X-ray image of the target's internal contents is immediately seen.

No more long trailing cables to worry about, no power interface boxes to connect in, no communications hubs, no wi-fi drop out in the middle of a task, no heavy case. Just 3 key components to make your job easy and hassle free.

With a clear image generated in seconds, this is Ideal for busy transport hubs where unattended bags need rapid inspection and for building sweeps where officers need to deploy quickly and discreetly.

SCANNO - the art of less is more

Less of what you don't need
Less to go wrong
Less hassle

More of what you want
More rugged and reliable
High definition Image in seconds

Of course, if you prefer to operate your system from longer distances with cable or using wireless comms, these options are also available.

  • Image Area: 18 x 24 cm
  • Active Image Area: 175 x 233 mm
  • Pixel Pitch: 76 microns


Standard system configuration

SCANNO X-ray System with Scansilc 1824 imager

Image Area

18 x 24 cm

Active Image Area

175 x 233 mm

Pixel Pitch

76 microns


6.5 lp/mm

Physical Dimensions

265 x 215 x 21.8 mm inc handle


1.7 kgs

Environmental Protection

IP67 (Dust and Water Resistance)

Drop Tested



  • XR150/XR200/XRS-3 and CP Generators
  • Custom cable lengths for remote operation
  • Short and Long Range wireless
  • Bluetooth X-ray Generator Trigger
  • Range of Laptop and Tablet viewers
  • Dual Energy Module