Scantrak is a multi-application portable digital X-ray system with 20 x 25 cm (8 x 10”) and 25 x 30 cm (10 x 12”) image capture units (ICUs). It is used by a variety of users which include police, military, customs and public safety agencies as well as prison and building managers to search and examine items safely in situ.

Operators control and fire the X-ray generator to
remotely capture images using the Scanview software on the laptop controller. Images are transmitted instantaneously via a data cable or wirelessly. Multiple repeat exposures can be taken without the need to re-approach the target.

Supplied in rugged wheeled pelicase with x-ray generator, laptop control and 50m cable on reel.

  • Range of Image Sizes: Scantrak comes in 4 four standard sizes: a compact 20 x 25 cm or 25 x 33 cm and larger format 28 x 38 cm and 33 x 43 cm for checking objects such as hand luggage. Custom size imagers are also available.
  • Safe: The X-ray Generator is controlled from a distance using the system’s Scanview software. Multiple X-rays of varying exposure times can be taken in seconds without the need to re-approach the target.
  • Simple design: Scantrak is designed to be easy to set up and use. It combines just three core components – ICU, X-ray generator and laptop.


Standard system configuration


Power Supply

Scantrak systems are fully portable and all components will operate independently using a battery pack for up to 5 hours with no reliance on mains power


4 standard sizes and custom size imagers are available


6-9 kg depending on model


582 X 752 Pixels




  • Wireless Image Transmission 802.11g
  • Wireless X-Ray Trigger
  • 50/100/150 m Cable Extensions
  • Custom Cases and Backpackable Systems
  • Foreign Language Software
  • ROV Robot Integration
  • Imager and Generator Tripod Mounts
  • External Camera
  • Scantrak is supplied with a high performance laptop running Windows 10 Professional
  • Minimum spec: Intel Dual Core Processor, 500 GB Hard Drive, 4 Gb Memory
  • Other brand name variants and ruggedised MilSpec models with foreign keyboard and OS options are available
  • Wireless option (802.11G)