ScanX Scout

ScanX Scout Portable CR X-ray Scanner

ScanX Scout Portable Digital X-ray system with re-usable flexible film plates.

ScanX Scout is a high performance portable digital X-ray system combining high sensitivity flexible film plates, a rugged battery powered image plate reader and a laptop or detailed forensic level X-ray inspection across the full spectrum of security and defence applications.

ScanX Scout image plates are very thin and flexible or easy access into confined areas and or wrapping around objects of interest. The image plates are available in a range of sizes to suit the task you're working on and can be used individually or mounted in multiple combinations to investigate larger objects.

CR X-ray image plates require no cables nor batteries or use and the entire X-ray operation from setting up the scanner, placing the X-ray plate, X-ray acquisition and image plate scanning can be completed in less than 2 minutes.

Plates can be used over 1000 times and can be erased during the scanning process to allow immediate reuse.

The ScanX Scout Image Plate Reader scans the plates either on mains or battery power to produce ultra high resolution X-ray images in as little as 35 seconds. Its ability to reveal fine wire and electronic component detail makes it an in- valuable system or those needing to make fast accurate decisions in the field and equally or lab-based forensic and analytical tasks.

  • Portable and easy to set up and use in less than 2 minutes
  • Thin flexible X-ray image plates in a range of standard sizes from 18 x 24 cm up to 35 x 43 cm
  • Long X-ray plates in sizes 35 x 90 cm and 35 x 130 cm
  • Image Resolution from 300-50 microns and 3.8-5 lp/mm (dependent on x-ray source, x-ray software and type of image plate used)
  • Scan and erase the reusable plates in a single pass
  • Battery powered for mobile field operations
  • Resolution: Vertical: 3.8 to 5.0 lp/mm.
  • Resolution Horizontal: 3.8 to 7.0 lp/mm


Standard system configuration

ScanX Scout Portable CR X-ray Scanner

  • Compatible with most portable x-ray sources including the Golden XR150, XR200, XRS-3 and XRS-4 and also recommended CP x-ray sources

Image Processing Features

ScanX Scout uses our powerful Scanview X-ray Imaging software to give you a range of image manipulation options to get all the detail out of your x-ray image

Features include Zoom, inverse Image, b/w, pseudo colour, pseudo 3D, contrast enhancement, clean image, rotation, distance, measure and show gradients

A range of annotation tools allow you to insert text, notes and highlight suspect areas

Database Features

ScanView’s X-ray image database software allows you to store and manage images using searchable fields. Images can be automatically stored in raw format for preserving evidence of chain of custody or exported in windows format for report writing.

Both Raw and Stored images can be immediately exported by email or across a network.

Equipment Service and Support

Our comprehensive equipment support packages provide you with a range of service options to support your equipment in the field and ensure its reliability and performance.

Laptop Options

  • ScanX Scout drivers and Scanview software is supplied with a high performance laptop running Windows 10 Professional
  • Minimum spec: Intel Dual Core Processor, 1 TB HardDrive, 4-8 Gb Memory
  • Specific brand name laptops and ruggedised MilSpec models with foreign keyboard/Os options are available


  • EOD/IED Search and Investigation
  • Contraband Detection
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Electronic Countermeasures
  • Electronic Components
  • Museum Conservation / Art Studies