The XR200 is a 150 kV, battery powered, pulsed X-ray generator used in security and light industrial applications.  

The unit is compatible with both DR and CR X-ray detector plates. With DR systems the generator can be controlled and fired through ScanView or XTK x-ray imaging software. With CR systems the unit is controlled manually. Our Scansilc x-ray systems can also be used with the generator in both syncronised remote and manual (AED) modes.

XR200 has no warm up nor user calibration. Simply choose the firing delay time and the number/sets of pulses and you are ready to go.

The robust design of the XR200 makes it able to withstand the extreme environments that field portable X-ray generators commonly encounter.

The generator is powered by a DeWalt® battery pack which is available worldwide. A pulse rate of 25 pulses per second makes it the fastest of all Golden Engineering models and 6,000 pulses are possible from each of the 2 batteries supplied.

The tube life of the XR200 is 100,000 pulses and a field replaceable tube and modular concept make this model easy to service and maintain.

  • Pulse setting up to 999 pulses
  • Variable pulse rate – up to 1 pulse per second
  • Set multiple pulse trains
  • Select time delay between pulse trains
  • Recording of total lifetime pulses
  • Resettable pulse trackers
  • 6000 pulses per battery charge
  • Battery charge indicator


Standard system configuration


  • Dimensions: L: 30.91 x W: 10.82 x H: 14.81 cm
  • Weight: 5.0 kgs with Battery


  • Collimator Cap Set
  • Dual Energy Module
  • Manual X-ray Trigger Cables - Dead Man's Switch - With or without delay
  • Spare XR200 X-ray tube
  • Tripod Mount
  • Rugged Carry Case