Metor 900M

Walkthrough Metal Detector Arch

Metor 900M is a new generation Walk-Through Metal Detector (WTMD) system utilizing the latest innovations of metal detection technology. It combines a new performance level with the latest operational capabilities including 60 detection zones and object recognition and discrimination.   


Standard system configuration

Walkthrough Metal Detector Arch

  • 100 adjustable levels of sensitivity
  • 8 overlapping adjustable detection zones
  • Left/centre/right alarm indicators - 60 localization segments: 20 vertical/3 lateral
  • Invisible bi-directional traffic counters
  • Random Alarm - Search selector
  • Power Guard
  • Tailgating Alarm
  • NFC Smart Card Support
  • Fully Weatherproof


• Metor 900M’s integrated construction allows installing the unit in 10-15 minutes
• Crosspiece fits either way
• Electronics unit pre-assembled inside the crosspiece in factory
• Polarized, easy to use connectors


Metor 900M has 4 vertical multi-zone display bars integrated on the coil panels.
The display bars can operate as 2-dimensional location display indicating the
location of the detected metal object(s) by pinpointing either left, right or center
position of the height where the Item passed through the metal detector.


The object classification technology allows an advanced capability to identify items more accurately compared to ferrous/non-ferrous information only. With exact electromagnetic characteristics on the material and shape of the item the Metor 900M is able to quickly distinguish between threat and innocuous objects. The object classification function has optional modes. The ITEM mode indicates whether the detected item was either a threat or benign item or a mobile phone. In case the item can not be classified a normal alarm indication is unidentified. The METAL mode indicates whether the metal type of the item was ferrous, non-ferrous or mixed. In case the metal type can not be classified a normal alarm indication unidentified.


Regulatory level capability of the Metor 900M provides reliable threat detection performance combined with high discrimination of innocuous personal items that people may be wearing on them. The system is capable of a throughput rate of over 50 persons per minute. Thus the throughput rate of the checkpoint utilizing the Metor 900M is not limited by the performance of the walk-through metal detector but the overall concept of operation of the check process (walking speed of people, time spent to check the people that caused alarm, throughput of the other screening systems etc).


Metor 900M is equipped with a Power Loss Guard that activates an alarm when the unit loses power i.e. the power cord is disconnected or there is an internal power failure.


Non-volatile memory is used to store all parameters regardless of the power connection. At no time is a battery back-up system required to maintain the parameters when the main power is disconnected.


Metor 900M operates over a wide object velocity range. The low and high speed response of the unit can be independently adjusted.


Monitors the operation of the Metor 900M and alarms in case two persons passing through the metal detector too close to each other.


Static Metal Compensation
Metor 900M operates close to static metal items.

Influence of Moving Metal
Metor 900M detection coil design is designed to maximize the ratio between moving metal inside and moving metal outside the detector.

Immunity to Mechanical Vibration

The mechanical construction of the Metor 900M enables a good immunity against mechanical vibration.


Metor 900M incorporates a bi-directional traffic counter as a standard feature. The counter is fully integrated inside the coil panel edge profiles. After selection of the traffic flow direction the number of persons, number of alarms and the resulted alarm percentage can be displayed on the graphical display. The traffic counter can be set to increase the count in one direction and decrease the count in the opposite direction. This type of counter gives a more accurate traffic count, especially when passengers are asked to step back through the gate to divest themselves of alarming metallic items. Alternatively, the counter can be set to increase the count in one direction and have no effect in the opposite direction.


Metor 900M supports contactless smart cards via NFC (Near Field Communication). With the smart card the user can make parameter changes fast and reliably. The smart cards can be linked by the customer to the custom memory banks of the Metor 900M to perform a desired parameter change.
Programming of the smart card operation requires administrator privileges. Once this is done it enables an automated option for programming the system. Optional pin code ensures secure use of the smart card.


Tamper Code Protection
All the cabling and connections are located inside the crosspiece. The crosspiece is key-locked preventing any unauthorized persons to access the electronics unit or remote control unit. Metor 900M is equipped with one On/Off switch. The power switch is accessible by opening the crosspiece lid – access only with key.

Access Code Protection
Parameter adjustments are access code protected. Access code protection eliminates any unauthorized tampering with parameters. Only authorized personnel can change the access code.