Rapiscan 618XRH

Rapiscan 618XRH

The Rapiscan 618 XRH is a high performance, high resolution, high speed conveyorised x-ray scanner with a tunnel opening of: 540mm wide x 360mm high.

Designed for customers requiring a compact, mobile x-ray machine, the Rapiscan 618XRH machine is only 735mm wide and when not in use, the conveyors may be folded up enabling the unit to pass through many typical doorways.

Recently upgraded with new graphics hardware and software algorithms the system combines exceptional image quality and excellent threat detection and automatic alert capabilities.

With the dual-energy material discrimination features and the new SINERGY image enhancement tool, which provides improved visibility of thin metal and low density organic materials such as powders, operators can more easily identify target objects within items being x-rayed.

The x-ray system allows for images to be automatically or manually stored with options for exporting images in a windows readable format for 3rd party sharing or reporting.

The 618XRH system has low energy requirements and a UPS backup to protect the system in the event of a mains failure.

  • Full Spectrum Imaging
  • View Previous/Next Bag/Parcel
  • Image Archive
  • Configurable Image Processing Keys
Date/Time Display
  • Search Indicator

  • UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
  • 22" Flat Panel Colour Display
  • Bag/Parcel Counter


Standard system configuration

Rapiscan 618XRH

  • Power Supply: 115/230V +/-10% 50/60 Hz – (state voltage when ordering)
  • Dimensions: H: 1366 x W: 735 x L: 2170 mm (1030 mm conveyor ends folded)
  • Weight: 440 kgs
  • Tunnel Size (WxH): 540 mm x 360 mm
  • Resolution: 38-40 AWG
  • Screening speed: Approx 60,000 items per hour in batches of 500, contents of mailsack can be scanned in approximately 10-15 minutes, 250 packages per hour screened individually
  • Penetration: 31-33 mm steel as standard
  • Conveyor Speed: 0.2 m/sec. Max load 165 kgs
  • Radiation safety: The Rapiscan 618 XRH meets all published international Electrical Safely and Radiation Standards and is issued with a certified Radiation Safety and Test report upon installation

Rapid Screening

With a conveyor speed of 0.2m per second, mail and baggage screening can be carried out quickly and efficiently. The system can accommodate volume mail, mail sacks, courier deliveries, parcels, boxes and hand luggage.

Easy to Use and Maintain

The Rapiscan 618 XRH is designed for ease of use by non-technical staff. It has a compact design with foldable conveyor ends and large castors making
it easy to move into and around the workspace.

Image Enhancements

The Rapiscan 618 XRH incorporates a High Performance Dual Energy X-ray capable of penetrating up to 33 mm steel and the ability to differentiate organic and inorganic materials in contrasting colours. The system produces High Resolution Images and its unique SINERGY and Crystal Clear Threat Visualisation Functions makes threat objects more easily recognisable.

Safe and Secure

The Rapiscan 618 XRH meets all published international Electrical Safely and Radiation Standards and is issued with a certified Radiation Safety and Test report upon installation.

User Training

Operator training including x-ray image analysis are available to ensure staffare comfortable working the equipment and recognising x-ray shapes.


  • Multi-zoom
  • Variable Contrast and Gamma adjustment
  • High Penetration
  • Edge Sharpening
  • Real time Explosives and Narcotics Detection
  • Threat Image Projection (TIP) - operator monitoring
  • Image Archive and Export