Scansilc 2430

Scansilc 2430

SCANSILC 2430 is a new robust and compact x-ray panel for security, defense, and light industrial x-ray applications. The panel is designed for security and EOD operators, is dust and watertight, impact and drop tested to 3 ft, yet weighs only 6 lbs.

The imaging area is 9 x 12" and offers 16-bit, 76 micron high-resolution images. The system is PB protected and designed for seamless operation with both pulsed and CP x-ray generators.

Operates in sync mode with a direct cable (or wi-fi) connection to your generator and laptop or with the x-ray generator stand-alone in AED mode (Automatic Exposure Detection).

  • Best in Class Imaging Quality of 76 microns
  • Drop Tested to Over 3ft on All 4 Corners
  • Ruggedised Unibody Design


Standard system configuration

Scansilc 2430

  • Panel Image Area: 9 x 12 "
  • Pixel Pitch: 76 micron
  • Resolution: 6.5 lp/mm
  • Physical Dimensions: 12.9 x 14.3 x 0.85 "
  • Weight: 6.2 lbs
  • Evironmental Protection: IP67 (Dust and water resistance)
  • Drop Test: Over 3 ft on all 4 corners

Intelligent control circuitry

Unique control of the image panel and x-ray generator safely from the tablet/laptop without any additional bulky interface box, interface cables and connectors.

User selectable operational modes

Synchronised - fully cabled, semi-cabled and wireless or AED (automatic exposure detection)

Uniquely designed for security applications

Not a fragile medical panel in a protective cover

Weather Resistant, suitable for marine environments, desert climates. Can be easily sterilized and decontaminated

Unique IP67 environmental protection against dirt, dust and water ingress. IP68 connectors


  • A range of X-ray generator and control unit options are available
  • Custom cable lengths
  • Custom wireless configurations
  • Bluetooth x-ray control and fire
  • Dual Energy Module for material discrimination
  • Custom backpacks and transport cases