Computed Radiography for non-destructive testing - introducing ScanX Discover

At Scanna we have deployed thousands of computed radiography (CR) systems around the world for security purposes.  Now we are bringing our CR experience to the world of non-destructive testing.  Introducing the ScanX Discover which offers NDT specialists a simple and convenient way to upgrade to digital imaging.

The ScanX Discover CR system is ruggedized and built to perform in extreme climates and harsh work environments. Whether used in the field, in a factory setting or in a laboratory, ScanX Discover delivers outstanding digital images from inspections in just a few seconds. Specialists can take a radiograph in the field and make decisions and evaluations on the spot.  CR removes the need to use chemicals and processing, which is associated with Film Radiography and eliminates these recurring costs. CR enables NDT technicians to make quicker, more accurate assessments in the field.

The Scan X Discover is available in both high-contrast (HC) and high-resolution (HR) models.  The ScanX Discover works with a variety of sources including Selenium, Iridium and Cobalt isotopes. Both the HC and HR systems are available in a battery model - ideal for use in remote situations with no available power source. ScanX Discover is rugged, portable, easy-to-use and can be deployed in toughest work environments, making it ideally suited to the world of Field NDT.  

For more information click here: ScanX Discover