Gatescan-P Portable Security Knife Arch

Gatescan-P is the world’s most versatile portable walk-through metal detector and is perfect for community policing, event security and for temporary security checkpoints.

The Gatescan-P metal detector is used primarily as a knife arch and can be can be deployed and transported to virtually any location, set up and running within five minutes by a single operator without any tools.

It has multi-zone or zone specific detection, operates for up to 8 hours on its internal batteries and is designed for use in demanding environments.

The Gatescan-P system will operate for up to 8 hours on its own internal batteries which can be recharged overnight using the battery charging cable supplied.

The Gatescan-P packs into a compact shape and secured with webbing straps for storage and has built in wheels and pull along handle for transportation.


Standard system configuration

Gatescan-P Portable Security Knife Arch

  • Portable and Battery Powered
  • Multi-Zone Detection
  • Easy to assemble, collapse and transport
  • 8 Hours battery operation
  • Set Up and Operate in under 5 minutes without tools


  • Head to toe, zone specific detection
  • Digital I/O, secured access control panel that has been designed for intuitive ease-of-use and has a built-in self-diagnostic function that will notify operators immediately if there is a situation requiring attention.
  • In and outdoor use (IP52) – pop up shelter available for rainy weather
  • 3 sensor zones with LEDs
  • 100 levels of adjustable sensitivity
  • Battery life of 40 hours, no reliance on mains
  • Total weight of less than 50 kgs
  • No van or roof-rack needed for moving it around
  • Inbuilt wheels and handle for ease of transit
  • No assembly tools – clips together in minutes

Power Supply: Power Supply: 100V +/- 15 , 220V +/- 15


Portable: H: 93cm x W: 58 cm x D: 66 cm

Assembled: H (internal) 208 cm x W (internal) 76 cm x D 86.5 cm

H (external) 223.5 cm x W (external) 117 cm x D 86.5 cm

40 kgs (90 lbs)


Magnetic media: Will not damage magnetic tape, computer discs, CDs DVDs, video tape, ID cards, Credit Cards

: Gatescan is designed to meet regulatory standards: FAA, NILECJ-0601.00.

EMC: Designed for EMC compliance (CE)


  • Pop Up Shelter
  • Footmat
  • Test Piece