Security X-ray Systems

Mailroom Cabinet X-ray Systems

A range of compact, space saving cabinet x-ray systems for fast screening of mail, packages courier packs as well as small parcels and bags.

Scanmax 15

The compact Scanmax 15 can be situated on or under a desktop or used in conjunction with an …

Scanmax 25 x-ray scanner

Scanmax 25

Scanmax 25 mailroom x-ray machine is a compact floorstanding unit on wheels and a similar size to a …


Scanmax 225

The Scanmax 225 is our premium model incorporating an advanced X-ray imaging capability as well as …


Conveyorised X-ray Systems

A range of high speed conveyorised x-ray machines for screening post, parcels, bags and luggage.

Rapiscan 618XRH

The Rapiscan 618 XRH is a high performance, high resolution, high speed conveyorised x-ray scanner …


Rapiscan 620XRH

The Rapiscan 620XRH is a high performance, high resolution conveyorised x-ray scanner designed for …


Rapiscan 622XRH

The Rapiscan 622 XRH is an UK/EU aviation standard conveyorised x-ray scanner with advanced …


Rapiscan 918CX

The new 918CX is a High Performance, compact and versatile 540mm by 360mm tunnel X-Ray system with …


Rapiscan 920CX

The new 920CX is a High Performance 620mm by 420mm tunnel mail, parcel and baggage x-ray screening …