Walkthrough Metal Detection


Gatescan-P is the world’s most versatile walk-through metal detector as it can be can be deployed and transported to virtually any location and be up and running within five minutes by a single operator! It has multi-zone or zone specific detection and is designed for use in demanding environments.



Metor 6E is a state-of-the-art walk-through metal detector developed for the most demanding high profile security screening applications. The unit has been developed using the latest technology to meet the strictest requirements set by the international civil aviation authorities.

Typical Metor 6E applications include passenger screening at airports and other transportation terminals as well as visitor screening in public and private buildings such as ministries, embassies and courthouses.



The Metor 6M is a multi-purpose multi-zone walk-through metal detector used primarily for weapons detection. Typical applications include passenger screening at airports and seaports, visitor screening at courthouses, federal buildings and prisons, access control in conferences, public buildings, sporting or other special events, stadiums and concerts, employee and visitor screening in power plants or factories, loss prevention in different industrial applications as well as screening in hotels, restaurants, casinos, and night clubs.



The Metor 6S High Sensitivity walk through metal detector is designed specifically for detecting small ferrous and non-ferrous items, such as disposable prison razors, a piece of razor blade, metal shanks, handcuff keys, detonator caps, jewellery, coins, microprocessor and memory chips.

The Metor 6S increases safety in prisons and jails by efficiently detecting small metal objects that can be used as weapons, even when they are hidden in body cavities.



The Metor 6WP is a versatile system an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor applications IP65 weatherproof as standard.

Designed to endure multiple installations in various locations. This unit is simple to install and can be set up by one person in five minutes.

Due to its compact structure and light weight design, the Metor 6WP can easily be transported from location to location without any tools for set up or dismantle.



Metor 6C is a versatile, state-of-the-art metal detector that combines advanced metal detection technology with an appealing, but practical design.

Metor 6C is an excellent choice for temporary and permanent installations depending on your application.


Handheld Metal Detectors

Scanna handheld metal detectors are robust and reliable and designed to meet the different requirements of high volume security checks.

The general purpose models 10, 11-S and 11-V are perfect for weapons detection or law enforcement officers, airports, nightclubs, bars, court houses, schools, events, VIP functions and other entrance security requirements.

The high sensitivity 16, 17 and 18 models are more suited to detecting smaller metallic objects such as razor blades and jewellery.